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Technical Hints and Tips:

  1. Have you ever typed a phrase or sentence or two and discovered it was all CAPITALS ? For a simple fix, highlight the text or mistake, hit the "Shift" + "F3" keys, and voila - problem corrected! This tip works in Word and Outlook Microsoft products. (Submitted by Joyce.)

  2. Do you sometimes think that your internet service provider is not giving you the service speed that you are paying so dearly for? Well, it's so easy to find out. Go to this site, Click on the green "Begin Test" and you will discover your up and download speeds with a local Austin server. After this reference test click on the gold "New Server" and put your cursor on some of the white dots on the map and test with another location like Houston, Dallas, Mexico City, or Singapore. You will find some faster and some slower than Austin. If you are consistently slower than the service you're paying for, you can use this information to get them to adjust your speed or your bill. (Submitted by the AGE Computer Lab Technies.)

  3. If you receive too many emails in Windows LiveMail or Outlook that you know you will never use again and want to keep the clutter down, don't just delete the email. Just deleting it puts it in the trash and you have not saved any space on the hard drive, little though it may be. If you absolutely know that you will never want to see that email again, use the Shift key plus the Delete Key (Shift+Del). That email skips the trash bin and goes straight to ......well, you will not see it again unless someone sends it again. Shift+Del = Ta, ta and goodby to what ever you wish to never be seen again. Use it with other files on the computer, just be sure you do not want it any more. (Submitted by Steve D.)

  4. When you use a mouse with your laptop does the cursor sometimes do weird things like jump to another place on the screen? Or when you're typing, does your typed letters sudden start appearing somewhere else on the page other than where you started typing?

    This problem can be caused by your typing hands inadvertantly touching the touch pad. It can usually be corrected by disabling the touch pad on the laptop. Some laptop manufacturers have assigned F5 to turn the touch pad on and off. Some use FunctionKey-F6 to turn it off. Look in your computer's help information to find out how. Usually, when you disable the touch pad, a small light in one of the corners of the keypad will illuminate, or a little windows will briefly appear.
    If one never uses the touch pad, one needs to get in the habit of disabling the touch pad on startup once Windows has presented the Desktop, because the default is to enable the touch pad during startup. (Submitted by Les.)

  5. more will come

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