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We have many skilled and helpful instructors on our staff. Here is some information they have provided to help you know them better. If you would like to volunteer with us as an instructor, coach, administrative support, or technical support, please contact us.


Roberta Przybylski is the Director and digital darkroom instructor for the non-profit AGE Computer Lab, a non profit of AGE of Central Texas. She is a creative digital storyteller, specializing in photography applications, with an emphasis on legacy projects.

When Roberta Przybylski retired from the public sector, after working as an educator, a technical writer and teaching herself how to use the computer, it seemed like a natural fit to share her technical expertise with fellow seniors. She began volunteering at AGE Computer Lab, where for the last 16 years, she's taught hundreds of adults how to use their computer and enjoy working with software.

She began teaching multimedia applications to digitize the shoebox of treasures or showcase photos for competition at University of Texas for the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) and the AGE Computer Lab and has never looked back. Roberta won the SXSW Dewey Winburne Award for her community service in teaching with technology and the effects are lasting throughout the community.

As a software junky, (her words), she beta tests for several companies, including Photodex and Topaz Labs.  Her tips and tricks can be found in "Secrets of ProShow Experts: The Photodex Official Guide to Creating Your Best Slideshows" sold on Amazon.

Born and raised in Chicago, but moved more than 14 times she and her husband still enjoy traveling specially to see the grandkids and sharing her experiences through her photo books and video shows.


As a retired systems analyst, volunteering at AGE Computer Lab has brought back my love for the technical side of computers and all of those Apple gadgets. I have always found the joy in learning and troubleshooting technology, as much as I do in reading a good mystery. I have experience in both Windows and Mac OS platforms and software. Some of my hobbies include art, photography and gardening, and I am all about the adult coloring book craze right now.


I first got the photography "bug" when I was a teenager. My first pro-camera was a Nikon F2 purchased in Japan in 1970 during an R&R trip. Iíve been a pretty avid photographer since. I especially love travel photography, landscape, and wildlife. I even had a wet darkroom in our bathroom. Photography was my escape during my career in high tech - helping to launch 13 startups can be pretty stressful. Now retired, I get to shoot even more. In the early 2000's I switched to digital cameras and began to learn post-processing techniques with Adobe Photoshop and subsequently Adobe Lightroom, and have become very proficient at both. I've been fortunate to win many photo awards and have my photos published.

I love sharing what I've learned with others, which is why I started teaching photography and digital darkroom. I love meeting new people through the classes and seminars I teach. And funny thing is, I think I often learn as much teaching others as they do.


While in college I had my first experience "teaching" while working in a chemistry lab for nursing students. Later in dental school I learned to use a darkroom to print photos.

In retirement, I've found renewed interest in teaching, and my darkroom in now called "Lightroom" a very sophisticated photo processing program. Why teach? I do it for the great "aha" moment when a student masters a new skill. It's a thrill to watch them learn and a joy to share the time together and become a part of their lives. I do not own a gun, but I love to shoot - with my camera.

With so many photos as resources, my favorite hobby is to combine the photos with music (no trombone) to make a multimedia "show" using the program, ProShow, by Photodex.

I am a husband, father, grandfather, and a Yankee from Illinois. I used to woo women with my sensuous and godlike trombone playing. To stay active I run in circles, jump to conclusions, and dodge the issue. I often swim in the cold water of Barton Springs. Yes, that makes me a little crazy, but you already have that figured out.


Lynn was born in Texas and graduated from Texas Tech University with a degree in Special Education. A career as a flight attendant with American Airlines engendered a life-long love of travel, and she uses photography and computers to preserve memories. Her experience includes making books, blogging, and using multimedia.


Les joined the United States Air Force in March 1954 at age 19 as an Aviation Cadet. Earned wings and commissioned 2nd Lieutenant in August 1955. Received aircraft transition and weapons training in the F-86D (all weather interceptor) at Perrin AFB in Sherman, Texas. Reported to Geiger Field in Spokane, Washington for first operational assignment.

In 1958 was assigned to Aircraft Control and Warning (AC&W) and serve one year in the arctic at Saglek, Labrador as a Weapons Controller. Continued in AC&W in the Tactical Air Command at Shaw AFB, South Carolina until 1960 when he was re-assigned to a cockpit job as Aircraft Commander flying the Douglas RB-66W. In 1963 was transferred RAF Alconbury in the United Kingdom to serve as the Wing Flight Test and Quality Control Officer. While in that job transitioned from the B-66 into the RF-4C Phantom.

At the completion of his assignment in the UK was reassigned to Tan Son Nhut AFB, Saigon, Vietnam in January of 1964. Flew 200 missions while in Vietnam one hundred of which were over North Vietnam while the remaining 100 where flown over South Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia.

At the completion of his combat tour in Vietnam he returned to Bergstrom AFB where he served as an Instructor Pilot who trained pilots and navigators who were transitioning into the RF-4C and then deploying to Vietnam.

Retired in May 1974 from the Air Force after just over 20 years service at the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. Joined IBM in 1978 where he worked as an Administrative Manager in the Marketing Office until he took an early retirement in 1993.

In 1998 he became a volunteer at The AGE Computer Lab (formerly SeniorNet). Started his own one-man computer business in the fall of 2010.

Nancy Jo

I enjoy taking classes, coaching and teaching at the AGE Computer Lab. As a former teacher, librarian, and school administrator I have always had an interest in teaching and learning. In retirement I feel most fortunate to have access to an outstanding technical education center for adults.

Rod Holley

Rod was born and raised in New Orleans, served in the Air Force for four years and attended Tulane University. He worked for IBM for 33 years mostly in management; made several career moves to various locations around the United States and made one more personal choice move Austin, TX where he retired in 1998.

While he has many interests, he focused on a hobby he has pursued since 1977 which is using and learning Personal Computers. At retirement he started a consulting business for home users and small business focused on installation, setup, maintenance, troubleshooting and tutoring in Personal Computers and Networking. This also included creating and implementing personal and business Web Sites with some e-commerce.

In 1998 he was asked by an IBMer, Bill Boland to join him in an organization he was founding called Senior Net Austin. Rod has enjoyed being part of this group as it has grown and evolved into the AGE Computer Lab under AGE of Central Texas.

His favorite part of his business and volunteering with ACL is meeting and working with people to help them use, enjoy and discover the "magic" in their computers.

He thinks of himself as an outgoing, friendly and patience person, although he's been known to become impatience with bureaucracy and bigotry.

Besides computers, other things he loves in life are his wife, family, friends, traveling, reading (mostly Science Fiction) and of course a great party. His philosophy of life is summed up by him as "Live, Love and Laugh"


When Cheryl discovered the AGE Computer Lab, she instantly saw it was a perfect fit for several of her interests: computers, photography, teaching, and working with seniors. As the primary technical consultant to her father, she learned about the possibilities and frustrations computers provide to seniors. As a computer software engineer and project manager for a large computer and software manufacturer, she applied her skills to these interests. She teaches and coaches classes, primarily Photo Editing (Picasa and Corel) and Genealogy. In addition, she maintains the AGE Computer Lab website. Her other areas of interest include time with friends, traveling, and sailing.


Jerry has been teaching the Computer Basics and other classes for many years. He is calm and patient, and an excellent teacher who wants students to feel comfortable with using a computer, and not be intimidated by all the technology. Computers and technologies are tools that can improve people's lives.

Matthew Chadwell

Matthew is a Google product educator. He taught Connecting with Google. Thanks!

Drew Sanders

Drew is a Samsung product educator.

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