Beginning Windows


Not currently offered. If you are interested, contact us or look at our other Windows-related seminars.
Two 2-hour sessions




Skills that are similar to the lessons in the Computer Basics course.


  • This seminar is an introduction to the Personal Computer (PC).
  • You will get hands-on practice using the Windows operating system, gain skills in using the mouse, and get experience with some useful computer programs.
  • You will get examples of how PCs can be used in your life and activities.
  • Lessons will cover Knowing Your Way Around Windows and Creating Files and Folders.
  • You will be given a manual to keep. The manual contains a step-by-step review of the material covered in the class. In addition, the manual contains several standalone sections that will be helpful references as you continue your computer experiences.
  • We will be using a Windows 7 operating system interface in the classroom, but knowledge is transferrable to other versions of Windows.
  • To continue your education, you might consider the Beginning Word seminar, the Introduction to Word Wide Web seminar, or the Introduction to Spreadsheets seminar.


Lesson: Knowing Your Way Around Windows

  • Review computer components and the Windows operating system
  • Start and shut down the computer
  • Log on and log off the Windows operating system
  • Review the desktop and parts of a window
  • Control the size and visibility of a window
  • Start and stop a software program
  • Operate a mouse
  • Use Help
  • Use buttons, radio buttons, and checkboxes

Lesson: Creating Files and Folders

  • Use Windows Explorer to view the contents of your computer
  • Configure Windows Explorer
  • Create new folders
  • Rename folders
  • Move files from one folder to another
  • Delete files


Annette L. or Steve D

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