Computer Basics


Fridays, May 5, 12, 19, & 26, 2017
10:00 am to 12:30 pm
Four 2½ hour sessions


Note: This is a special price. If you pay online, select the 3-session item to get the correct price, even though this is a 4-session seminar. Register here.


None. No previous computer experience is necessary.


This seminar is for people who have very limited knowledge about a computer or who might be interested in purchasing or using one. It offers participants hands-on training on using the keyboard and mouse. It uses fun learning activities that will help students gain the skills needed to take other seminars. It will help students become comfortable working in the Windows environment and sharpen their mouse skills. This course, or equivalent knowledge, is a prerequisite for enrolling in most other seminars.


Lesson One: Windows Basics and Mouse Skills

Become familiar with computer hardware; start and shut down Windows; control the size and visibility of a window; operate and personalize the mouse; Use buttons, radio buttons and check boxes.

Lesson Two: Mouse Proficiency

Starting and closing the Works program; opening documents, and learning basic skills used in word processing by use of specialized exercises.

Lesson Three: More Mouse Skills and Paint

Start the Paint program; use Paint tools to practice using the mouse; copy and paste letters; save a document; Print a document.

Lesson Four: The Keyboard and Word Processing

Become familiar with the keyboard; use more word processing features; become familiar with processing and editing text.


Jerry E.

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