Password Management


Wednesday, April 26, 2017
10:00 am - noon
One 2-hour session


$25 for one seminar. Register here.


The student should have basic knowledge of using a Windows computer, the keyboard and mouse, basic typing skills and accessing the internet.


In today's computer and Internet world, security has become paramount in protecting access to your information both online and offline. One of the key features of this security is having not only strong passwords, but also passwords that are easy to use and remember. This is especially true for web sites and programs that are not used frequently. Therefore, some form of password management becomes essential.


  • Understand the current minimum requirements for acceptable passwords for most web sites and apps
  • Understand how to change existing passwords for web sites and apps
  • All browsers have built in password managers. In class, you will work with the Internet Explorer browser to learn how to use and manage passwords
  • Understand the difference between online (Cloud based) and offline (Computer based) Password Managers
  • Become aware of some of the better-rated Password Managers that are available, both free and fee
  • In class, we will use the Dashlane Password Manager app to understand the features and functions of many the other password manager apps. Dashlane has both a free and fee version and is one of the better rated ones that is very intuitive and easy to use.


Rod Holley

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