Photoshop® Elements Introduction


Tuesday, March 7, 2017
10:00 am - noon (One 2-hour session)

Note: This is a one session class. If you wish to continue learning Photoshop Elements, we offer a Photoshop Elements Club, which meets once a month.


$25. Register here.


The student should have basic computer skills on using a Windows PC; know how to open and close programs, as well as open and save files. It would help if the student has a basic understanding of some photo terms and formats, but this is not essential. This is not a photography session, but rather what to do with your photos once you have them.


This is a hands-on seminar using sample photos. The student will learn basic techniques on how to edit, enhance, combine and create special effects with photos using the very powerful Adobe® Photoshop® Elements program. Handouts will be available for use at home.
Note: Photoshop® Elements Version 14, which is the latest version, is used in the classroom. However, most of the editing techniques are applicable for Versions 10-13 also.

Goals: (May vary based on students' previous knowledge, questions and requests)

  • Learn how to use some of the basic photo editing tools in the Toolbox
  • Learn to change the tool's parameters in the option bar
  • Learn how to do basic enhancing of digital photographs
  • Learn how to combine images or selected parts of images
  • Learn how to add text to a photo.
  • Introduction to the use of basic layers in Photoshop Elements with an introduction to:
    • Layer Masks
    • Clipping Masks
    • Adjustment Layers
    • Opacity
  • Introduction to filters and effects


Rod Holley

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