Apple - Let's Get Creative


Thursday, September 21, 2017
10:00 - noon
One 2-hour session.


$25 for one seminar.  Register here.


General knowlege on how to open programs on your Apple computer, either a Laptop or iMac (not the iPad or iPhone.) If feasible, bring your Apple Laptop and Apple password, and have some photos stored in your Photos App. If you have an iMac at home, you can watch the demonstrations and do the lessons at home.


Let's have some fun getting creative by making books, cards, calendars and slideshows, all within the Apple Photos App on an Apple Laptop or iMac (not iPad or iPhone.) As the holidays approach or you wonder what to do with your travel or family photos, we'll demonstrate some ideas on how to make your own, books, cards, and calendars. All these ideas are part of the Apple Photos app. We'll discuss prices, ideas, styles, and more.

apple photo


Finding fun ideas to use your photo memories and to share them with friends and family.



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