Expanding your Apple Computer Knowledge


Thursday, July 13, 2017
1:00 - 3:00 pm
One 2-hour session


$25 for one seminar.  Register here.


Continuing the Apple classes. Users bring in your Apple laptops. iMac users can follow the steps watching the lab's Apple iMac Computer. Basic knowledge is required, such as knowing how to log into your Apple computer and knowing your Apple ID and password.


This class is to enhance or expand your knowledge and ability to use some of the Apple features. Some of the ideas we can cover include the following: How to install applications; change icons or remove icons from the bottom dock; use some of the advanced features of Photos; browse through your files within Finder. If you have a specific question, such as more information on backups, why is it important to update apps, etc., we can cover all questions during the class time. Below are some of the apps we can discuss:

finder photos system preferences

Finder, Photos, and System Preferences.


Expand your knowledge and feel more comfortable with your Apple computer.



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