Making Audio Playlists


Wednesday, November 9, 2016
Time: 1:00 to 3:30 pm

One 2½ hour session


$25. Register here.


The student must have basic knowledge of how to retrieve, play or buy music from the internet, iTunes, Amazon, Play Store, and private collections. This is an intermediate class on organizing and playing your music off of your phone, tablet, TV and PC. You do not need to own a phone or tablet, just a desire to listen to music from your PC or device.


There are more music apps and accessories on the market than we can try in a lifetime. What if we only want to play or organize our music from our PC or phone? Whether you want to take over DJ duties at your next party or create a good mix to listen to while you work out, there are a few tricks of the playlist trade. Learning to choose the right program, get organized, and match the style of music to the theme will have you rocking out in style.

We will use several separate pieces of software that are easy to understand. Windows Media Player, Pandora and Spotify. (If you are only interested in iTunes to make your playlist that information would be found in an iTunes only class. If interested, please tell us.) When you make a playlist, you are telling your PC or phone in what order to play the songs that are stored on the gadget or in the cloud. Playlists are for different times of the day, exercising, driving the car, reading a book, relaxing, and cleaning the house. In other words,you are your own disk jockey. Playlists are an organization tool for your music library.

Syncing this playlist to your phone or tablet will also be discussed. If you own an iPhone, bring it to class along with your iTunes ID. Android users, Google Play store and Amazon Music will require an ID to log in and retrieve a song or two.


  • Select a music program that allows you to create a playlist
  • Start with a genre
  • Start with a theme
  • Start with an occasion
    • Working out
    • Driving to work
    • Dining
    • Vacation and driving
    • Summer barbecue
    • Dance party
    • Meditation or relaxation
  • Upload music to work with
  • Be a good organizer

spotify media player



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