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Mondays, January 29 1:00 - 3:30 pm and Wednesday February 28 from 10:00 - noon. 2018. The second session is an updated day and time.

Two sessions


$40 for a 2-session seminar. Register here.


This is a hands-on type class, advanced beginner skill set.


When our family gets together, the first project is to check the memories in the books that were made this year. All in all, I have made more than 35 books trying to document our photo memories and trip recollections. They have become very popular as resource photos when a special anniversary or birthday is coming. With all of our new device technology and photo opportunities, we are awash with photos. Let's put them in a book with quotations or captions for our future generations. It is limitless what can be put on a page.

Digital photography has made photographers out of old and young. The problem is in the saving and viewing. The shoe box method of saving these photos is no longer available, so we need to be proactive in making prints, books, or magazines for future viewing. It's time to document and interface with our future generation.

There is a one-week period between classes, to give you time to can get most of your pages done. It requires cover art work, which takes some time. Please be prepared to do a little homework to get the most benefit out of this class. This is a fun and productive class.


Learn the software and best practices for printing a successful book.

Classy template positioning, clear and concise photos, font placement and novel and creative cover art.

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