Corel Photo Editing Advanced


Wednesday, June 21, 2017
1:00 pm to 3:30 pm
One 2½ hour session.


$25 for one session.  Register here.


This is hands-on type class. For this class, we recommended you own Corel Paint Shop Pro X9 and have worked with the software, but are looking to expand your knowledge of the tools and features available. This class will not be project-oriented but features-oriented. If you are unable to come to our monthly club on Corel, this is a great opportunity to improve your photo editing skills.


This is a beginning/intermediate class in learning to work with Corel Paint Shop Pro X9 . We tend to use software over and over and never try the hidden features, shortcuts and new opportunities that are available when we upgrade to a newer version. If you think you know all about Corel Paint Shop Pro X9 , you don't.

Can your text take on the shape of a box?

Can you use the gradient tool, the object removal, the magic brushes, write your own scripts and actions? You will be amazed at the features. Have you ever tried to paint, or use the ready made templates? If you have answered no to several of these questions, I hope to see you in class.







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