Data and Backup Recovery


Wednesday, February 22, 2017
10:00 am - noon

One 2-hour session


$25 for one seminar. Register here.


This is a lecture type of class. For this class, we recommend you know how to get online, click to a new Window, use Google search, click and drag, and do basic Windows operating skills.


Computer users, like you and I, get complacent when it comes to guarding against the sudden and unexpected loss of our computer with all of our precious pictures, valuable documents, tax records, etc. There are some simple solutions to minimize this tragedy that even the most non-technical among us can utilize that will lessen the stress of data loss.

There are free and very inexpensive ways to protect your machine and data from losses due to a lightning strike at your home, getting hacked (and your data held ransom), or your computer just plain "dying."

data backup


This seminar will cover the following:

  • How to back up your entire computer, including programs and data
  • What programs are available, both free and commercial
  • Ways to back up just data
  • Cloud backup solutions, with comparisons
  • How to replace your failed hard drive with a new one and recover the data and/or programs onto the new drive
  • Comparison between standard hard drives (SATA) and solid state drives (SD)

We Don’t Know What You Don’t Know. In order to gain the most value from this class, please bring your questions. We will address them and try to give you complete and helpful answers. Our goal is to help you build an effective backup strategy and feel comfortable with your backup plan.


Les Carlton

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