Designing with Words (Deal of the Month)


Monday, August 22, 2016
1:00 - 3:30 pm
One 2½ hour session


$10 for Deal of the Month. Register here.


This is hands-on plus demo type of class. For this class, it is recommended that you know how to get online, click to a new Window and use Google search. Click and drag, and basic Windows operating skills will be used.


This is a beginning/intermediate type class in learning to work with words as art and shapes. There are free programs that are quite easy to use, as well as as Corel Paint Shop Pro and Adobe Elements, to learn more advanced features for shadowing and other features in word art. Don't worry if you don't own these programs, as several others will be free to use and experiment. This is a demo plus hands-on type class. Words can be so powerful and evoke emotions, joy or sadness for example. You can experience double the thrill when words combine with shapes for a visual creative experience.
art worddesign


Words and Art: Great combinations

  • All letters can be filled
  • Photographs can be turned into letter art
  • Microsoft Word can be used for bevels and shadowing
  • Photo Editors can also be put to use to create shapes for our words


Roberta aka Roberta

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