Digitally Painting Photos


Tuesday, January 17, 2017
1:00 - 3:30 pm
One 2½-hour session


$25. Register here.


This is a creative photography class. We will use a variety of software applications to paint on top of a photo. No painting skill needed, just a desire to take your photos to another level. Easy for beginners, if you can import your photos to a PC.


Painting digitally on your photos does not require an artist's touch, just a desire to turn your photo into another "look." There are a variety of apps to make the process easy to learn. Corel Painter, Foto sketcher, Dynamic, jixipix Aquarelle and Topaz Plug-ins. These programs are low-cost and free to try . You'll need to bring a flash drive with your photos on it and able to open and close files, use a mouse, and an USB port.


Learn the basic principles of color blending, types and sizes of paint brushes, and canvas textures. We will trace and clone from our own photos. It can be as automatic or as manual as you like.

comparison of paints

town and tree


Roberta Przybylski

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