iPhone: Ask the Expert


Thursday, May 11, 2017
10:00 am to noon


$25. Register here.


This seminar is for students who own and have been using an iPhone and now have specific questions about the iPhone features and functions.


This is a seminar where you, the student come with questions about your iPhone on "How to do <this>?" or "Why does <that>?"

The seminar is lecture-oriented with some hands-on time and coaching. The student should have an iPhone® and the charging/USB cable to use in class.

Note: Since there are several versions of the iPhone now available, not all features and functions will be available on all iPhones. Instructor will use a recent iPhone but suspects that almost all questions will apply to all iPhones. Also, many of the features and functions on an iPhone are similar on an iPad.



  • To answer your questions about the iPhone and find solutions for problems you may have with your iPhone.
  • To learn how to search for instructions and solutions to future questions.
  • Where to find and download the full specific User Guide for your iPhone


Rod Holley

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