iPhone One on One


Tuesday, March 22, 2016
1:00 - 3:00 pm
Includes one-on-one assistance and is limited to six students.


$25. Register here.


This seminar is for students who own and have been using an iPhone and now have specific questions about the iPhone features and functions.


This is a seminar where you, the student come with questions about your iPhone on "How to do <this>?" or "Why does <that>?"

This seminar is similar to the iPhone: Ask the Experts seminar, but with an experimental twist. There will be extra coaches and each student will have One-On-One instruction or assistance, to answer their specific question. The instructor will facilitate the class to help the coaches when they may not have an answer. The student count will be limited to six students only. The student should have an iPhone® and the charging/USB cable to use in class.

Note: Since there are several versions of the iPhone now available, not all features and functions will be available on all iPhones. Instructor will use an iPhone 6 Plus but suspects that almost all questions will apply to all iPhones. Also, many of the features and functions on an iPhone are similar on an iPad.



  • To answer your questions about the iPhone and find solutions for problems you may have with your iPhone.
  • To learn how to search for instructions and solutions to future questions.
  • Where to find and download the full specific User Guide for your iPhone


Rod Holley

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