Keeping it Safe Online


Thursday, January 18, 2018
10:00 am - noon
One 2-hour session


$25. Register here.


The student should have a basic knowledge of Windows, the keyboard, the mouse and basic typing skills, as well as familiarity with accessing the Internet and email.


There are reports constantly in the news of people and businesses getting "hacked." That is, having their accounts or their computers compromised, and sometimes even losing their information in the aftermath of an attack or breach.

We will go over ways to strengthen the security on your computer and protect your information from being lost. We will also address these same issues as they relate to cell phones and tablets.


  • Have a backup strategy so that your important documents and pictures are safe.
  • Keep your computer running smoothly and protect it from being vulnerable to malicious software and web "exploits."
  • Become familiar and proactive in deflecting current exploit methods that crooks use to gain access to your system and your information





Pat Scott

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