Password Management: LastPass (Deal of the Month)


Thursday, January 25, 2018
10:00 am - noon
One 2-hour session


$10 for a Deal of the Month seminar. Register here.


This class is a combination of overview and hands-on time. We recommended that you

  • Are familiar with basic Windows computer use, including using a browser to log in to sites where you have an account
  • Have an email address that you can use to create your LastPass account and then log in to it

Please bring to class a couple of existing passwords, for accounts and sites that use the same email address you'll use to create your LastPass account. Don't bring passwords that contain sensitive data.


We're all trying to stay secure online and keep our financial and other information from being compromised! A password management tool can simplify this by creating and storing secure passwords for us. LastPass is one password management tool: it manages passwords and also stores secure notes, such as credit card numbers. So if you're tired of carrying around a password list and want to stay safer online, this class is for you!

This is a beginning class in learning to work with LastPass, one of the popular password management tools. We will focus on the Free version of LastPass.

Note: LastPass works across all devices (iPhones, iPads, other tablets, laptops, desktops), but this class covers only using the Chrome browser extension for LastPass.



  • Review LastPass and how you interact with it
  • Demonstrate how to download and install the LastPass browser extension for Chrome
  • Create an account using the email address you brought to class
  • Explore the LastPass vault where passwords and notes are stored and demonstrate how to use it
  • Review how to implement LastPass


Ann Bishop

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