Best Sources of Info for PC Fixes (Deal of the Month)


Wednesday, January 11, 2017
10:00 - 12:30 pm
One 2½-hour session


$10 Deal of the Month. Register here.


This Deal of the Month focuses on empowering you to fix the basics on your PC. Are you tired of panicking and hoping that your computer is not "broken?" You need to know how to get online with a browser, and copy and paste. This is an advanced beginning level lecture. It is mostly lecture with resources and tips available in hand outs. Please bring a flash drive so you can take the handouts home.


Do you envy other computer users' abilities to fix their own problems and bugs on their PCs? There are several easy tricks that you can use without fear of destroying your computer. Your goal is to understand the backbone and structure of the error messages. Where do you go on the web to see if other people have the same problems? When do you need to call an expert?


Learn the basic principles of PC Repair solutions. Microsoft and other companies have help available. Whether you're a power user or new to computers, sometimes it's best to just get your problems fixed and go on with life instead of digging through the registry, forums, and hacking your way to a solution. 



Roberta Przybylski

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