Phone Photos: How to Transfer to Computer & Manage ($Deal of the Month)


Thursday, September 14, 2017, from 1:00 - 3:00 pm
One 2-hour session.


$10. Deal of the Month. Register here.


This class is for Students who own a Smart Phone and use it to take photos and video. You should bring your phone and phone cable to class and if you want, your portable Apple or Windows computer.


This is a seminar where you will learn how to transfer photos and videos taken with a Smart Phone to your computer and to manage these media files both on your computer and phone. While there are many methods to transfer media to your computer, the class will focus on just a couple of methods. However, understanding of the methods covered in class will allow you to use other methods that you may prefer.

Note: The methods covered in class are also generally applicable to other devices with a built-in camera; i.e. iPad, Tablets, Laptop, etc.


  • Understand what "transfer of media" implies. That is, importing, exporting, copying, or moving.
  • One method can be done using just the functions of your Operating System, Windows or OSx, but only allows transfers in one direction to the computer
  • Another method uses a free App that is easy and intuitive to use, allows transferring media in both directions, manages where the media is stored, and allows deleting any unwanted media

So, sign up and bring your Smart Phone, cable and questions to make digital photography a little easier for you.


Rod Holley

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