Free Photo Editors (Deal of the Month)


Tuesday, June 7, 2016
10:00 am - noon
One 2-hour session


$10 for Deal of the Month. Register


This is hands-on type of class. For this class, it is recommended that you know how to get online, enjoy playing with your photos, click to a new Window and use Google search. Click and drag, and basic Windows operating skills will be used.


This is a beginning class in learning to work with a variety of free online software for the purpose of fixing or enhancing your photos. Are you looking for a really good replacement to Picasa which is no longer available from Google? We will enhance the same photo in 3 or 4 different available software to see if you can find an easy, workable solution to making your photos pop without spending a lot of money for the software, or spending a lot of your time in front of a computer. After all you need to be out and about, seeing and enjoying.


  • learn where to find safe and easy software for photo enhancement
  • learn the basic tools to see what it can accomplish
  • learn resources and other tips from an instructor who spends most of her free time trying out new software.




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