Old Masters Photography (Deal of the Month)


Monday, August 7th, 2017
1:00 pm to 3:30 pm
One 2½ hour session.


$10. A Deal of the Month.  Register here.


This is both a hands-on type class and a lecture. For this class, it is recommended that you want to learn composition, direction, color, storytelling, and lighting by studying the old master painters. You will need any type of camera or a smartphone for the hands-on portion.


Before there were photographers, there were painters. These painters helped pave the way for our photographic endeavors through their dedication to studying light. Fortunately, much of what these "Old Masters" knew has been passed down to us and established as the fundamentals of photographic lighting. Through studying the works of the painters such as the English Masters, we can better understand how to use light to create impactful photographs outdoors.

"We focus our attention so much in the "latest" and "trendiest" that we tend to forget the origins and principles that led to the point where things are now. Not only in photography, but in any art, it's of the uttermost importance to study the origins to understand the present.” Gonzolo and Tiffany Mueller








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