Picasa: Gimme More


Tuesday, May 17, 2016
1:00 - 3:30
One 2½ hour session


$25. Register here.


Basic to Intermediate knowledge of how to use a PC and Microsoft Windows. Know how to copy photos from your camera to the computer. Bring a flash drive to class so that you can copy handouts and take them home. You do not need to bring your own photos, as the instructor will provide photos for the exercises.

You should have some experience with Picasa, even if it is very minimal. This seminar will include a refresher on the basic concepts, in addition to some fun and useful concepts.


Expand your knowledge on how to use Google's Picasa 3.9 with greater facility and function. It is one of the easiest, simple, but powerful, photo organizing and editing software programs that is available, but like any software program, it has unique characteristics. This seminar will help you discover and learn about the plethora of features of Picasa that will help you fix your photos, share them with friends, organize photos, and have fun with your photos. Picasa is free for the download. This seminar includes "hands-on" instruction. This is not a class on how to use your camera, but rather, how to fix up and manage your photos for fun and utility.

Learn about any of the following. It would really help if you specified a topic of interest in the comments section of your registration form. Movies, collages, sharing, and organizing are some of the topics requested by previous students.

  • basic editing of photos, such straightening, brightening, and darkening
  • fine tuning of photos, such as sharpening, white balance, saturation
  • sharing your photos with friends and privacy
  • downloading of photos
  • tagging photos
  • geo tagging
  • using Google as storage
  • understanding where your photos are in your PC and how Picasa always save an original copy of your photo
  • understand why sometimes your photo appears to be "fixed" in Picasa, but not in Windows
  • saving
  • exporting and resize
  • create albums
  • print photos, including contact (thumbnail) sheets
  • create a gift CD
  • having fun: create collages, special effects, and movies


  • Learn how to take advantage of many fun and useful features of Picasa
  • Learn about practical features of Picasa
  • Eliminate the frustration of importing, finding, saving and editing with Picasa
  • Use Picasa as your "go-to editor" for organizing, straightening, sharing, and basic edits



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