Restoring Photos Using Corel


Wednesday, September 14, 2016
1:00 pm - 3:30 pm 
One 2½ hour session

(This class was previously taught in February 2016)


$25 for one seminar. Register here.


We will be using Corel Paint Shop Pro X6 in this class. You may bring a photo (scan it or take a photo of it with your digital camera or phone) to work on. This class is for advanced beginners who have opened and used a photo program before, even if not these specific features. This is NOT a beginner's seminar in using the Corel software. Our goal is to learn the easiest and best practices for repairing old photos.


So you want to add some photos to your genealogy profiles. Alas, they are quite likely not in good condition. In this class we'll use Corel Paint Shop Pro X6 to improve the quality of the image and get rid of many of the blemishes, spots and crack lines. You may bring a photo to work on or you can learn from samples we'll provide.

There are many photo editing programs on the market that support layers, but Corel is the easiest to learn for cloning and repair work. If there is a rip in the photo, layering will be necessary, which is why Corel and/or Adobe Elements are the two most popular programs for this activity.

Join us in "repairing" a relative or friend so our grandchildren have some visual history.

old photo



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