Restoring Old Photos Using Photoshop Elements


Thursdays, March 17 and 24, 2016
10:00 am - 12:00 pm
Two 2-hour sessions


$40 for a 2-session seminar. Register here.


This class is for the intermediate student using Adobe Photoshop software. Some previous experience with Adobe Photoshop Elements is required, any version. We will be using version 14 of Elements. This is NOT a class in using Adobe Photoshop Elements for beginners.


Old photos will deteriorate, fade, get strange marks and often even get ripped over time. Stopping that process for future generations can be daunting. This class will show you some basics on how to preserve your history by scanning or taking a camera shot of your old photos. Once the photo is digitized it can then be "restored".

This class will utilize the tools in Adobe Photoshop Elements 14 to restore your images. Obviously the better the image, the better the result. We will start with your scanned image or one that you have taken a snapshot of. The restoration work will be explained in steps and work on its restoration. If you do not bring your own photo, the instructor will provide one or more.

sample photo

sample photo sample photo


  • Learn the clone tool
  • Restore a ripped section
  • Take out spots
  • Remove old lines
  • Restore the fade and color
  • Match the sepia and black and white tones
  • Repair the border frame if needed.



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