Seminars - Historical List

This page contains lists seminars that we have offered in the past. For a list of more recent offerings, go to Recent Seminars. Seminars meet one to four times, usually meet on the same day of the week, start at 10:00 am (as of October, 2014) or 1:00 pm, and last 2 or 2½ hours. Click on a seminar name for description, prerequisites (skill level), fee and schedule.
If you see a seminar in the list that you would like to see offered again, tell a contact that you are interested, and your name will be put on an interest list. Or, check back later.

Each seminar description includes a list of proposed topics. The actual topics covered could vary, based on students' questions and needs and time constraints. Registered Trademarks ® are registered to their corresponding companies.


Windows and Utilities

Computer Technologies

The Internet

Digital Photography

Smart Devices






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