Writing on the Wall


Wednesday, July 13, 2016
10:00 am - 2:00 pm
One 4-hour session


$40 for an Extended Workshop. Register here.


Bring a camera, iPad, iPhone, smartphone or point and shoot. We are off to explore Austin on a bus with a driver so we don't have to worry about parking. We will be dropped off at the location each time, minimal walking for the purpose of finding unusual photo ops in our town. This one will be concentrated on wall art around East and South Austin. We will be stopping for lunch at a restaurant, which not included in the fee.


Join fellow photographers as we tour around town with a driver to stop and take photos. No parking hassles, no GPS hunting for location and all arranged with your other fellow enthusiasts. Time will be allotted for lunching together at your cost. Tips on using your camera and phone will be explained along the way. This is a first in our experiment of taking photo shots in town. If successful we will have more trips to a variety of locations. Thank you, AGE, for providing the bus that holds 10, is easy on and off, and comes with a driver!

A free follow-up meeting will take place to discuss the processing and composition tips from our tour. Date TBD by the attendees.

Hyde Park


Enjoy our first "Shutter tour of Austin, Writing on the Wall"

Take photos at the right time of day, at the right location without hunting for a parking spot or worrying about walking from the parking to the location while you enjoy camaraderie with other seniors who enjoy snapping away as much as you do. The tours will be dependent on opportunities, so different days of the week and times will be available as we move forward with this project.




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