Shooting Stars


Wednesday, July 6, 2016
7:00 - 9:00 pm
One 2-hour session, field trip location, to be announced.


$25 for one seminar. Register Here.


This is an intermediate to advanced photography field class.


Learn how to capture the night sky. Lean how to shoot photos at intervals, in order to see swirling light trails. This field trip will take place when we have a just-past new moon phase. The location will be where we can get the darkest view without driving too far. The goal is to take photos using a long shutter speed and shooting every couple of minutes for two hours, when more and more stars will appear. If we are lucky, we can use our camera's feature and actually see stars swirl.
You need a tripod and a remote controller. If you have an intervolemeter, please bring it. YOU MUST BRING A TRIPOD. You might want to bring a folding chair.
We will be out shooting in the dark. (Suggestion: bring a red light flashlight). The class will start while we can see what we are doing and then we will wait for our moment.


tree and stars


  • Learn the proper settings for capturing photos of the night sky
  • Capture the sky at intervals in order to see swirling light trails.
  • Learn the correct settings to make our photos stackable using Star Stax software and not creating a lot of noise.


Doug Miller and Roberta

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