Topaz Plug-in Workshop


Tuesday, September 19, 2017
1:00 - 3:30
One 2½ hour session.


Free for previous registrants of the Topaz Plug-in Workshop.
$10 if this is your first Topaz Plug-in Workshop this year.  Register here.


This is a hands-on intermediate photo-editing type workshop. We recommend you know how to get your photos onto a PC, want to make the photos "pop," or want to turn into a photo into a new work of art.
This workshop is a follow-on to the previous 2017 Topaz Plug-in Workshops, but attendance at the previous sessions is not a requirement. Each session is stand-alone. I.e. if you miss one, you may attend the others (but pay the$10 fee).


This is a intermediate-level workshop on learning to work with Topaz Labs plug-ins. The new Topaz Studio is a free plug-in. there are 13 other modules that may be purchased or not as you see if you like them. The Topaz Lab plug-in has 13 different modules that are sold separately. We will concentrate on learning Topaz Studio and 5 of the most popular; Topaz Adjust, Simplify, Impression, Glow, and Texture. You do not need to own them all as you can use the trial versions for the ones you do not own. These plug-ins can be stand-alone or used with your favorite photo editing software, such as Lightroom, Corel, and Adobe Elements. Impression can emulate artists such as Monet, Edward Hooper, DaVinci, Georgia O'Keefe, and Degas. Glow adds electricity, feathers, fur and other interesting textures. Each session is stand-alone. I.e. if you miss one, you may attend the others.

topaz-impression topaz car glowtopaz flower glow


  • Learn about the number one artistic plug-in for photos
  • Understand the interface, along with the presets and filters, that set this software apart from other "artsy" programs.



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