Travel and Technology


Monday, June 13, 2016
10:00 am - 12:30 pm
One 2½ hour session


$25 for one seminar. Register here.


Do you love to travel? On a plane, train, car, or RV? This seminar is for those who are interested in staying in touch, letting the folks and relatives at home know you are safe, while capturing your memories and maps in a simple fashion.



Did you ever wonder how some people stay on vacation more than others? What is their secret to a stress free time on a trip, planning a trip, letting others know where they are, staying safe in other cities, seeing the sites they want and making it simple? Travel and Technology is becoming a big industry for amateur travelers as well as business travelers. There are tips or hacks that make life easy that you need to know. Where is my WiFi, how can I make my photos safe, can I text or call overseas, what is an unlocked phone for Europe, can I find a restaurant or a gas station nearby, can I get my maps offline without going over my cell data, what if I want see my Netflix show in the hotel?


Learn how to use technology when traveling for stress free vacations.

  • become less wired while on vacation while benefiting from a few tips
  • audio books in the car
  • music of any kind while driving
  • use your phone for navigation, finding gas stations, airline flights, restaurants and saving your photos.



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