Microsoft® Windows 10 Creators Fall 2017 Update


Wednesday, November 15, 2017, from 1:00 - 3:00
One 2-hour session.


$25. Register here.


This class is for students who have been using Windows 10 for a while and have specific questions about the Creators Spring update released in April 2017 and want to know some of the changes that will happen in the Windows 10 Creator Fall update, which is scheduled to begin its release on October 17, 2017. This is not a beginner's class on the basics of using a computer.


This is a hands-on class. It is designed to discuss and use some of the new features and functions of the Windows 10 Creators Spring update and some of the Fall update changes.

Some of the Topics that May be Included:

(Note: Many topics are determined by Student Questions and are not listed here)

  • The Creators Spring or Fall updates are downloaded automatically, but are not installed automatically. This class will discuss what to expect and how to insure a smooth update without problems.
  • Discuss and  use some of the new features, functions, and apps of Windows 10 Creators
  • Using Windows "Hello" to sign on to your computer.
  • How to access the Windows App store for thousands of Apps.
  • Skype Improved; Sway is introduced and they are now integrated.
  • Improved Cortana.
  • Improved Start Screen with more user flexibility and customization for the user.
  • Improved Context menus throughout Windows.
  • Cast to smart media devices added.
  • Improvements under-the-hood to improve performance, namely Compression Store and Speed Shift.
  • Microsoft has a new design language named " Fluent Design". It uses more light, depth, motion, and transparency for an improved visual appearance.



Rod Holley

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