Learning with YouTube


Wednesday, February 10, 2016
10:00 am - 12:30 pm
One 2½ hour session


$10 for Deal of the Month.


This is a lecture and hands-on type class. For this class, we recommend you know how to get online, click to a new Window and use Google search. Click and drag, and basic Windows operating skills will be used.


This is a beginning class in learning to work with YouTube as a learning and teaching tool. Learning with YouTube is like going back to an online university without all the hassle. The most popular channels on YouTube worldwide are Ted Talks, Expert Village, Discovery Channel, YouTube EDU, PBS, NPR, and Biography. We will talk about those channels and many more.

you tube


  • Learn how to search YouTube
  • How to save a YouTube video that we like and want to view later
  • Fill the screen, save it, and/or bookmark the channel
  • Make your own channel just for you or your friends and family
  • Find music, movie or teaching channels quickly and without hassle.

you tube


Roberta Przybylski

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